Leaded Light Repairs

Traditional leaded light glass windows are made up of separate pieces of glass held together with Lead Came, which is the ‘H’ section lead that hold the glass in position and then soldered on the joints. Over long periods of time the joints can weaken which can to movement in the lead which then can cause cracks or breakages.

In these cases leaded light repairs are possible in situ but can sometimes leave the surface with slight undulations. The reason for this is, to replace glass on site the lead has to be gently folded back in order to replace the broken piece with new glass cut to precision, the lead is then dressed back over the glass and sealed. The process slightly stretches the lead and creates a slight rippled effect.

A lot will depend on the condition of the lead. If the we find the lead has become hard or brittle then the repairs are more difficult. Alternatively, if the lead is soft then a repair can usually be done quickly leaving little to no trace of the repair.

Whether we are repairing an existing window in situ or working on full window restoration, Sussex Leaded Lights are committed to preserving the heritage of the windows. We always prefer to retain as much of the original glass as possible and that is something we are very proud of.

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  • Testimonials

    Very many thanks for the outstanding job you have carried out on the repair to our vandalised stained window. Your skill and obvious dedication and patience has been admired by all of us here.

    Paul W. Foster, St John the Evangelist, Merrow

    Not only do we applaud the quality of the workmanship that went into their making, but also the personal attention to every detail that you gave to theirplanning and construction.

    L J Rogers, Effingham Methodist Church, Surrey

    Thank you for the excellent work that has attracted comments from friends and relations over the holiday.

    Fr Marshall, Lindfield

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