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Our professional team has restored all types of frames in house for over forty years and with the combined knowledge and experience of over eighty years we know exactly what each frame requires and why.

Our team are experts in metal work restoration and are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to restore all types of metal frames. All leaded light windows are fitted into either a Crittall frame, Sussex Pin or Cast Metal frame, the most common need to fully restore these metal frames is due rust, this is because the lead used to build the windows becomes oxidised causing cracks to appear which then makes the panels begin to bow allowing water ingress which causes the metal to rust.

Crittall frames are traditional frames full of history, they are fitted with leaded light windows that are glazed into the frame. Sussex Pins are quite rare and are generally seen in listed buildings, they are wrought iron frames with leaded light windows that are attached using copper ties. Cast metal frames are glazed with individual pieces of glass. Over time the frames start to rust due to weathering, this has been an age-old problem and originally there were not many options to protect the frames, but fortunately, we are now able to offer a much better rust protection for these frames.

Once the metal frames have been removed and the leaded lights have been deglazed the frames will be shot blasted to remove any rust and old paint. The frames are then professionally painted and rust protected ready for the leaded lights to be reglazed.

We can also fully restore external metal ferramenta bars to prevent any future delamination damage to the stone mullions or stone frames. This will include the application of stainless steel to the tips of the ferramenta bars to protect them from future rust. The combination of these restoration methods will retain the heritage of the original ferramenta bars whilst also safeguarding them for the future.

Wire window guard protection

Another service we offer at Sussex Leaded Lights is the supply and installation of stainless steel custom-made window guards. Once you have had your metal frames and windows fully restored, adding window guards will offer further protection and help to ensure the longevity of the windows. The windows will be measured and the guards will be made to the exact specifications of each window ensuring they are secure and can withstand the elements. This service is also an excellent way to add protection and safeguard any existing windows against damage and vandalism as no direct contact can be made with the windows once the guards are installed.

Please feel free to contact our team to discuss any questions you may have, we are happy to help and can provide a quotation upon request.


“Sussex Leaded Lights removed, restored and replaced over fifty leaded light windows and frames as part of the renovation of our 1920's house. The original windows were beautiful and unique but after ninty years the frames were badly corroded and warped and none would open or close properly. Each one was individually restored and the result is fantastic, they look and operate as if they were newly made. The overall result could not be better. ”

To find out more about your windows or frames or for a free no obligation quotation please contact us on 01403 254128 / 07753 432777 or email sussexleadedlights@gmail.com and one of our team will be happy to help.